2nd Year Student
Spring Semester 2022
For my second-year Visual Communication Design class, we created posters around the theme of "food" that focused on typography or imagery. 

This poster was based on typography, with imagery being the supporting element. Its purpose was to bring awareness to the grams of sugar kids should eat per day compared to how much sugar is in kids' foods. The food chosen in this poster comes from popular items that directly market to kids such as Trix Cereal and Mcdonald's Happy Meal. 
A design element that I focused on was the fusion between image and type. This is displayed in the poster's title as well as the food item that I chose to focus on which was Trix Cereal. 
This poster was created in Adobe Illustrator. 
This poster continued the theme of food by bringing awareness to advertisements marketing unhealthy kids' foods. The poster focused on imagery with typography being the supporting element. The imagery in this poster includes vibrant TV static with a child as its main focus. The rules within this poster support the idea of kids being surrounded by media, and how young children unknowingly consume large amounts of ads. 
 A design element that I focused on in this poster was fragmentation between image and type. The type within this poster actively breaks into the imagery in the foreground and background. 
Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Below are some of my initial poster concepts
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