2nd Year Student
Autumn Semester 2022
For this project, I explored what whole foods symbols would be like if they were to expand to an international market.
For the first part of this project, I explored what symbols would represent the different sections within the Whole Foods Store. The sections on this page from left to right starting on the top row are Wine/Beer/Spirits, Prepared Foods, Bread/Rolls/Bakery, Beef/Poultry/Pork, Breakfast, Frozen Foods, Produce, and Pantry Essentials.
I chose a leaf border due to the leaf in the Whole Foods logo. The colors chosen come from images of the actual foods shown.
These are the supplemental symbols. For these two symbols, I chose to include recipe collections and gluten-free. For the recipe collections symbol, I wanted to include the option for the symbol to be used in person and online, which is why the symbol shows a physical book and mouse arrow simultaneously.
The next part of this project explored how one of our symbols could be used in a pattern and on a bag. For this, I chose my egg symbol. I used the orange from my onion symbol as the background. I also included a frying pan on the side of the bag to add variety to the pattern. The bag includes the words Eating Smart March which was the hypothetical event assigned to me. 
Lastly, we created a poster to promote Eating Smart March. To help tie my leaves together included a tree from where the leaves fall. For the text of this poster, I paid special attention to vertical lines created from the corners of the white objects within the egg and prepared foods symbol.
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